Agnostic Front Riot, Riot Upstart

The undisputed lords of the New York hardcore scene follow up ’97s Something's Gotta Give record with their second for California's Epitaph label. Utilising the roots-punk friendly production skills of Rancid's Lars Frederiksen (whose name is featured prominently on the back cover so as not to be overlooked), AF serve up 17 fuck-the-world anthems that will bring their old-school rage to a new generation. Musically, this record is exactly what you'd expect from the band; it's not terribly interesting but it is what they know best and it sounds honest and full of integrity. And it provides the perfect backdrop for vocalist Roger Miret's tortured rage. Although they aren't the innovators they once were, Agnostic Front can still fuck shit up like few other bands. (Epitaph)