Ada Lea

what we say in private

BY Laura StanleyPublished Jul 16, 2019

When her relationship ended, Alexandra Levy (Ada Lea) wrote in her journal for 180 days as a way to work through her emotions and reconnect with herself. This work became the catalyst for many of the songs on her standout debut LP what we say in private.
what we say in private is assembled like a collage: guitars roar, and are delicately picked. A warped voice memo is the heart of one song, and a glittery synth line is the heart of another. Gluing the contrasting sonic textures together is Lea who, in a hypnotically hushed voice, searches for answers and self-acceptance.
These songs aren't streamlined in part because they developed from Ada Lea's beautifully messy thoughts. She weaves between hazy memories and the sharp sting of anger and love. On standout track "the party," Levy asks, "was I wrong?" in a soft and low tone, as if scared to hear the answer. But as the album draws to a close, Levy grows more settled. On the quiet folk track "yanking the pearls off around my neck…," sounds of the city float by as Lea realizes that her journey is coming to an end, and confidently sings, "soon I can be my own girl again."
Ada Lea's workmanship is striking on what we say in private, as she delicately showcases both the chaos and beauty of change.
(Next Door)

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