The Acorn Polish Combatant's Hall, Toronto ON, February 14

The Acorn Polish Combatant's Hall, Toronto ON, February 14
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
It's a ballsy move for a band to play a high profile reunion gig and stack the set with brand new material. But then, Rolf Klausener has always played by his own rules. It's a testament to the band's enduring legacy that the crowd was willing to buy into the ploy; in lesser hands, things could have quickly unravelled.

Standing onstage in a parka, he led the current, four-piece incarnation of the Acorn through a set filled almost entirely with new songs. Despite keeping a low profile since the Acorn disappeared in 2010, Klausener's musical muse has not stayed put; last year's debut as Silkken Laumann found him discovering his inner groove, a sound that permeated much of the new material. These songs were interspersed with more stripped-down fare that still eschewed the folky-indie rock the band built their name on.
Still, it was Klausener's sonorous voice and lyrics that were the centre point, ensuring that whenever the band's new record emerges, it will please Acorn fans both new and old.