​Tyler, the Creator Downsview Park, Toronto ON, September 20

​Tyler, the Creator Downsview Park, Toronto ON, September 20
Photo: Rick Clifford
"Are you guys ready to jump up and down like you're idiots?" Tyler, the Creator asked the Riot Fest crowd.
It took a bit of prodding at first, but the Odd Future leader, joined by Jasper and Taco, soon had the crowd up and jumping to "Death Camp," the opening track from this year's Cherry Bomb. While his Sunday afternoon (September 20) set didn't have enough power to incite a riot like in years past, the crowd could agree that Tyler's new material translated better live than it does on record, starting multiple moshpits for "Run" and "The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6–12 (Remix)."
As the set wore on, not even Tyler could hide exhaustion, admitting that it was "the most awkward set I've done in years." After finishing a song, it would take a few moments for him and his partners to figure out what would come next, filling the dead space by chatting amongst themselves or chirping at audience members. "What are you doing, there's no music!" Tyler laughed as a crowd surfer sailed by in the break between tracks. Regardless, his audience loved watching the three barely stifle their laughter while improvising new, equally crude lyrics for sections of "Yonkers," shouting along to the hook of "Domo23" and the craziness of "Tamale" despite the fact the onstage energy was sorely lacking.
"I'm sorry for this shit show," Tyler remorsefully said at the set's end. "I'll be back to turn up properly real soon."