Watch the Opening Credits for 'Scott Pilgrim Takes Off'

Featuring a track by Japanese rock band Nercy Talkie

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 31, 2023

While we wait for Scott Pilgrim to take off on November 17, Netflix is treating us to many tastes of the anime series to tide us over. Now, they've released the full 90-second opening credits, complete with an absolute banger of a theme song.

The new track "bloom" by Japanese rock band Necry Talkie was written by Asahi, and soundtracks the credits that cycle from Toronto landmarks like Sneaky Dee's to the alternate reality of subspace. CanCon and anime seem to fit together perfectly here, and we're not surprised. Check it out below.

What's missing from the trailer is Ramona Flowers delivering for Amazon Netflix, but don't think about death and get sad and stuff about it — there's also a sneak peek of that, too.

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