Trapt Might Go on 'Judge Judy'

Travis Livingstone has been invited to arbitrate his small claims case on the TV court show

BY Allie GregoryPublished Sep 11, 2020

Just when you thought California nu-metal trash rockers Trapt's internet presence couldn't get any messier, the band's legal troubles with former video artist Travis Livingstone might become an even bigger public spectacle by ending up on Judge Judy.

According to a Facebook post [via MetalSucks], Livingstone recently received a letter from a CBS producer asking him to consider bringing his small claims case against frontman Chris Taylor Brown — over money owed to him for a music video — to the TV show.

"Our field researchers have selected and brought my attention the small claims case that you have filed in the [redacted] small claims court against Chris Brown," the letter reads.

Earlier this summer, Livingstone revealed that the band owed him $4,000 USD for putting together a lyric video for their song "Tell Me How You Really Feel." At the time, he shared a post in the Facebook group Trapt OFFICIAL is a joke, alleging that Brown was "trying to dodge payment" for his work, and had conveniently run out of money right before the invoice was due.

In the letter from CBS, the producer also tells Livingstone that they can guarantee the money he's owed will be delivered to him should he win the small claims case on the show, a luxury that a non-TV court might not afford him. The downside of agreeing to take his case to Judge Judy is that all parties — including Brown — get an appearance fee of $500 USD.

It's money that Brown desperately needs, apparently, since he can't afford to pay Livingstone for his work. So, he might actually have some motivation to accept the invitation to humiliate himself on national television.

As it turns out, some dude named Brandon predicted the scenario about a month ago:

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