The Internet Is Obsessing over the Length of Luigi's Penis

The Internet Is Obsessing over the Length of Luigi's Penis
Officially speaking, the Year of Luigi took place way back in 2013 with an entire 365 days dedicated to Mario's lanky green brother. And yet it looks as if Luigi season is among us again, as the internet is celebrating the fact that Nintendo has blessed him with a CGI penis.

Nintendo recently announced the release plan for Mario Tennis Aces, and with its promotional push came stills of Luigi in the middle of playing the game. It turns out his racket wasn't the only elongated object he was swinging, as fans have pointed out a clear Luigi dick print in his shorts.

Yes, some five months after the internet obsessed over the history of Mario's lil unit, fans have confirmed that he's not the only plumber laying pipe.

The conversation started with some clear imagery of Luigi's triumphant tadger as seen through his Tennis shorts. From there, Tumblr user fortooate used science to determine that Lu's unit clocks in at a respectable 3.7 inches while flaccid.

Check out the impressive discovery below [via the A.V. Club], and congrats to all of us (but especially Luigi) for being alive during such a wonderful time in videogame history.