The Emmys Called Off a Bigger Tribute to Matthew Perry

"It was probably just a little too soon," said Executive Producer Jesse Collins

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jan 18, 2024

This year's Emmys "In Memoriam" segment was backed by the Friends theme song, and of course featured a tribute to the late Matthew Perry. Now, it's been revealed that plans for a bigger tribute to the act were scrapped.

The eulogy segment was meant to feature the cast of Friends, but was eventually shelved out of respect for Perry's loved ones — his castmates included.

"We had talked about it early on, but I can imagine, from their side, they're mourning someone who was still very close to them," Executive Producer Jesse Collins told The Hollywood Reporter. "I can't speak for them, but we all have to respect that they were their own family. It was probably just a little too soon."

Jeannae Rouzan-Clay, another Emmys executive producer, also shared that the loss is "still very fresh" for the rest of the cast.

Perry died in October at the age of 54 from the acute effects of ketamine. As well as eulogies from his Friends colleagues, Hank Azaria, Michael J. Fox and Zac Efron have also shared their respects.

The Matthew Perry Foundation has since been created to help people struggling with addiction.

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