TIFF 2017: The Disaster Artist Directed by James Franco

Alison Brie, Seth Rogen, Dave Franco, Adam Scott, Zac Efron, Bryan Cranston
TIFF 2017: The Disaster Artist Directed by James Franco
Courtesy of Elevation Pictures
Tommy Wiseau's The Room is supposedly the worst movie ever made, but it paved the way for James Franco to make his first true masterpiece. As director and star, you can tell he's utilized everything from his impeccable comedic timing to his intimate knowledge of art and academia to craft a truly visionary project.
Based on The Room star Greg Sestero's book of the same name, The Disaster Artist is an uproarious and unbelievable true story attempting to piece together how the unknowable Wiseau created his unlikely classic. James Franco is nowhere to be found in the film — he's completely embodied the role, disappearing into Wiseau's eccentricities without resorting to broad impressions.

While the rest of the cast is a who's who of modern comedy, the humour is mostly situational. Rather than write jokes, the actors all play straight man to Wiseau's manic mannerisms.
That's not to say it isn't funny — plenty of The Disaster Artist will have you keeling over in laughter. But it's also a warm, energetic and strangely empathetic film that will spur conversations about outsiders, artistic intent and what it means for one to truly forge their own path.

(Elevation Pictures)