RZA Finally Admits Russell Crowe Spit at Azealia Banks

RZA Finally Admits Russell Crowe Spit at Azealia Banks
Last year, things took an especially nasty turn at a now-infamous party hosted by Russell Crowe, with guests Azealia Banks and RZA making some major headlines at the time. And while accounts of the party have differed, RZA has now admitted that one key allegation did in fact take place — Russell Crowe spit at Azealia Banks.

While RZA initially came to Crowe's defence over the incident — in which Banks claimed Crowe "called me a N-word, choked me, threw me out and spat at me" — the Wu-Tang member has now finally admitted the latter did take place.

As The Root/Stereogum points out, RZA was on The Breakfast Club this morning (October 18) and said, "Look, he spit at her. I saw that."

But RZA did remind us that it was Banks who actually attacked Crowe and not the other way around. "I think it was best that she was expelled out the room," he added.

Down below, you can watch the interview for yourself, with the comments about Banks coming just before the one-minute mark.

Following the incident and its fallout, Banks eventually appeared on Access Hollywood to discuss the incident, leading her to break down into tears and say, "I'm just really, really humiliated."