Ontario YouTuber Drank His Own Sweat with 'Dune' Replica Filtering Suit

Stay hydrated, folks

BY Ben OkazawaPublished May 24, 2024

There are places where drinking your own sweat is a necessary measure — for example, Dune's fictional desert planet of Arrakis. Cambridge, ON, is absolutely not one of those places. That said, curiosity is an important mark of any scientist, and at Cambridge's Hacksmith Industries, they were brilliant enough to create a functioning replica of the Dune Fremen stillsuits that actually enabled their Production Manager Darryl Sherk to drink his own sweat.

Although, admittedly, the jargon went in one ear and out the other to someone who hasn't thought about science since Grade 12 Chemistry, it is overwhelmingly clear to the viewer that the replica's creator Bogdan Malynovskyy and the Hacksmith team are extremely sharp and creative. 

Essentially, they gave Sherk a liner to trap his sweat, bought a water bladder with which to collect it and MacGyver'd a mouthpiece-filter apparatus through which to drink the safe water. And, with that, Sherk worked up a sweat and then, well, drank it, before admitting that he's had better-tasting water.

Finally, to ensure Sherk doesn't look like he's going as the Michelin Man for Halloween in his inflated white liner, the team put together a design more aesthetically similar to the stillsuits as seen in Denis Villeneuve's Dune.

"Next time you want to drink your own sweat, you know who to come to," Malynovskyy quipped. Watch the process in full by checking out the entire video below.

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