​Nickelback and Arnold Schwarzenegger Get into Twitter Feud (Complete with a Shitty Mr. Freeze Pun)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Feb 15, 2017

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger still likes to make his political opinions known in the Twitterverse, and having already feuded with the U.S. president, the Governator has now turned his attention to a target north of the border — Nickelback.
Schwarzenegger laid into the much-hated band on Twitter yesterday (February 14), including them in a list of things that are "more popular than Congress" alongside hemorrhoids, traffic jams, cockroaches, root canals, colonoscopies and herpes in an attempt to push his position on the need for redistricting in California.
The group didn't take comparison too well, responding by telling the political star to "approval rate" Batman & Robin (which is currently sitting at 11 precent on Rotten Tomatoes) and asking him to "leave us out of your future wisdom drops."
Schwarzenegger took the clapback in stride, admitting that the burn was, in fact, "ice cold" — to which Nickelback gave the guy due credit with a "#Respect."
See the whole back-and-forth below.

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