Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Unrated Doug Liman

A whopping five minutes have been added to this fateful teaming of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but they do nothing to enhance the mediocrity of the finished product. The notorious pair does duty as a couple whose marriage has lost its spark, little do they know that they’re both assassins with rival agencies bent on each other’s destruction. Alas, they manage to screw each other up on overlapping assignments, meaning they’re forced to put a hit on each other, which manages to revive their faltering union. A writer with wit and a director with style might have given this sturdy premise some snap but Simon Kinberg and Doug Liman are not those respective people. While Kinberg reels off one-liners that would embarrass the lowliest James Bond entry, Liman directs without a sense of beauty or timing and manages to strand Bradgelina in a pile of wink-nudge asides without the sexy kick to make them work. Both stars phone in their performances but given the material, they can hardly be expected to do otherwise. In the end, it’s pretty people doing unremarkable things and the whole thing goes down in the flames of low expectations and lazy hackwork. Disc one features a deluded, stammering commentary by Liman that manages to consider the film and his contribution "unconventional.” Disc two features an astoundingly thorough "making of” featurette that the film doesn’t deserve, six deleted and/or chewed-over sequences (featuring director commentary, storyboards and the like) that reveal the cravenness of the studio and its capricious demands, 12 deleted scenes, seven semi-animated "previsualisations,” an alternate screenplay ending, a gag reel and three photo galleries. (Fox)