Laverne Cox Drops Out of Controversial Rashida Jones-Produced Sex Worker Doc

'Sell/Buy/Date' has been harshly criticized by industry workers

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jan 7, 2021

Following online outrage over Meryl Streep, Rashida Jones and Laverne Cox's involvement in the documentary adaptation of Sarah Jones' sex work play, Sell/Buy/Date, Cox has dropped out of the project entirely.

The film adaptation's production team drew criticism earlier this week, with sex industry workers announcing their disapproval of Rashida Jones and Streep's involvement in particular. The pair have been criticized for their anti-sex work, SWERF-aligned views in the past. Additionally, Sarah Jones' one-woman show that the film will be based on has also been the subject of scrutiny for its unfair portrayal of sex workers.

Cox announced her departure from her production role earlier today, stating that she is "no longer involved in any capacity."

"I am not in the emotional place right now to deal with the outrage by some over my participation in the project. So I have decided to pull out," Cox wrote in a tweet.

Previously, Rashida Jones had been criticized for the portrayal of sex workers in her Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted, which also saw her accused of doxxing young sex workers and sharing camming footage against the will of its creators. Streep, meanwhile, was an avid supporter of the 2018 U.S. Senate SESTA/FOSTA bill that sought to end the facilitation of sex trafficking, but hurt legitimate sex workers in the process.

Sarah Jones is currently on board to direct the adaptation, while Rashida Jones and Meryl Streep are still set to produce.

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