Jason Sudeikis Plays the Foo Fighters' Swim Coach in the Video for "Love Dies Young"

Dave Grohl wrote the video treatment and directed the shoot

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 18, 2021

Jason Sudeikis digs his heels into his acclaimed Ted Lasso role by playing a very different kind of coach in the new music video for the Foo Fighters' Medicine at Midnight track "Love Dies Young."

Yes, Dave Grohl has done yet another thing, so here we are to tell you about it. And he actually did quite a bit here: the frontmann wrote the video treatment and also served as its director. Furthermore, Grohl has recently added a song titled "Fuck You Coachella" to his publishing catalogue — but that's neither here nor there.

If anyone can get the Foo Fighters — their faces outlandishly swapped onto the bodies of five swimmers in matching one-piece bathing suits — through a synchronized swimming competition, it's Sudeikis. Sporting a remarkably Fred Durstian blond wig (it's giving "Dad Vibes"), he monologues for nearly three minutes before the song even starts, reminding the team that their lifts "need to be higher than christ."

"There are judges out there that hate us — they hate me, they hate me. They're married to ugly people and I tell them that; I share that with them because I am honest, I am decent," the coach attests, before admitting to not paying taxes.

A video set at a pool strangely harkens back to Nirvana's 1991 underwater Nevermind album cover, which Grohl's former band is currently being sued over. The musician reminded everyone that the naked baby (Spencer Elden, now 30) behind the legal battle has a Nirvana tattoo on his chest.

The same can't be said for the bodies in the water in the "Love Never Dies" video, unfortunately; but they're pretty graceful out there. Though one swimmer loses consciousness partway through, requiring resuscitation, the band point their toes all the way to scoring a perfect 10 on their routine — until somebody poops in the pool. Chaos ensues that's, uh, not recommended for the faint of stomach.

Now we're thinking about the Turnstile concert mosh pit pooper again... at least there's no onstage urination in this one?

Watch the video for "Love Dies Young" below.

Sudeikis recently made his return to Saturday Night Live, meanwhile the Foos are headed to the big screen with their own horror-comedy Studio 666.

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