Jamie Foxx Is a Member of the Mile High Club

He got a little X-rated on the "Burning Questions" segment of 'Ellen'
Jamie Foxx Is a Member of the Mile High Club
Actor Jamie Foxx appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier today to participate in her "Burning Questions" segment — and the actor took the opportunity to get seriously candid about his sex life.

During the segment, Foxx admitted to DeGeneres that he is indeed a member of the mile high club, (though he failed to mention who his partner in aerial romance was).

"Am I member of the mile high club? That means you get high when you're in the plane? Yes, I smoke. I smoke it up," the actor said in an attempt to dodge the question.

"That's not what that means, and you know it," DeGeneres responded.

"Yes I am," he finally admitted.

Later in the segment, the actor revealed that he also likes to go commando during the day, while at night, wearing something he calls "shants" to sleep. He also announced to the studio audience that he's been "slightly drunk" since December 13.

Foxx is set to star in Soul, an upcoming Pixar animated feature about an aspiring jazz musician. The film arrives in theatres June 19.

Watch Jamie and Ellen yuck it up in video below.