Jackass 3-D

Jeff Tremaine

BY Robert BellPublished Oct 15, 2010

So, to distinguish this third Jackass entry from its similarly minimalist cinéma vérité predecessors, an apt tagline might be: "The most 3-D poop you'll see on the big screen in 2010" or "Jackass: more interfering with farm animals than ever before."

It's true. Near the beginning of the film, Dave England shoves his painted green ass through the bottom of a scale model, peaceful forest setting and projectile defecates three-feet in the air. As an added bonus, this stunt is replayed in slow motion in 3-D so that we can see his foot-long turd hang in the air, flopping ever so slightly back and forth while various chunks and debris shoot out at the audience. This is not CGI.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera and the gang get up to their usual chicanery here, performing stunts that test the human threshold for pain as much as the gag reflex. I wouldn't describe it as either better or worse than the previous Jackass films, being similar in almost every way.

Instead of deep-sea diving with sharks, they piss off aggressive rams and play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, literally, and instead of crapping in a hardware store display toilet, Steve-O drinks a cup of Preston Lacy's ass-crack sweat and bungee jumps in an outhouse full of rancid dog shit. As usual, seeing the set-up for the impending carnage, such as the creation of bees nest tetherball, is almost as entertaining and shocking as the inevitably painful outcome.

Of note is the fact that only about a third of the movie is actually filmed in 3-D, mainly due to logistical constraints, like the ability to predict the outcome of a stunt. What they do manage to capture – typically replayed in slow motion quite vividly – almost makes this point moot, however. I know that I personally was spending too much time laughing and flinching to really notice.
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