Here's Everything Coming to Prime Video in October 2023

Including 'Mr. Dressup: the Magic of Make Believe,' 'Awareness,' 'The Burial' and more

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BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Sep 28, 2023

Fall is officially here — the Equinox was on September 23, if you were curious — and darkness is taking up more of our days. But it's not all doom and gloom! Chilly winds and dark skies makes for the perfect opportunity to curl up and commit to some TV time. Prime Video has a whole bunch of movies and shows to get you through those long nights, and we're here to tell you everything that's coming your way in October. 

If you missed it at this year's festival, TIFF's 2023 People's Choice Documentary Award winner Mr. Dressup: the Magic of Make Believe is here to give you all the cozy vibes you could possibly require on October 10. And if comfort's not your bag, then otherworldly thriller Awareness (arriving October 11) has enough conspiracy thrillers and mysteries to keep you up way past your bedtime. 

The TIFF-premiered The Burial — starring Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones — arrives October 13 (on a Friday no less!), and Prime is also welcoming the much-anticipated third season of the Robbie Arnell-starring, Vancouver-filmed Upload on October 20. And don't forget romantic comedy The Other Zoey, which arrives the same day — just in time for cuffing season. 

If you checked out Mr. Dressup and feel like you need more documentaries in your life, Silver Dollar Road and Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles are arriving October 20 and 24, respectively, and are ready and willing to educate.

You also want to make sure you don't miss the Prime Big Deal Days, where you can rent popular movies for $2.99 or less from September 29 to October 11. Titles include Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Insidious: The Red Door, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. On Prime Video channels, you can catch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 on AMC+, Rick and Morty Season 7 on Live and VOD, Chucky Season 3 on STACKTV — plus way more.

Find a complete breakdown of Prime Video's September schedule below.

October 4

October 5

Enabled Partner Series S0
Linlang %

October 6

Surprise and Seek
Totally Killer
Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe *
The Elephant

Fast X
Beyond the Light Barrier

October 7

Tale of the Nine Tailed
ONE Fight Night 15
: Tawanchai vs. Superbon

October 8

Survival of Jelili
Listening Ears
Diamond in the Sky

October 10

Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe *

October 11


October 12

The Prisoner
Spirit Doll
Mark Antony
Mud, Sweat and Tears: Premiership Rugby

October 13

The Burial *
Everybody Loves Diamonds *
Jigen Daisuke*
Dark Harvest

October 15


October 17

The Greatest Show Never Made *

October 19

That Cover Girl %

October 20

Upload S3 *
The Other Zoey *
Bosch: Legacy S2 *
Sayen: La Ruta Seca *
Silver Dollar Road *
Big Love

October 23

O Porteiro

October 24

Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles *
Zainab Johnson: Hijabs Off *
The Ultimate Gala %

October 25

Tv Society
Single Married Divorced

October 27

Iosi, El Espia Arrepentido S2 *
The Yellow Duck
Menino, Menina, Confissao

Aspirants S1-S2 %

October 28

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken
Every Body

October 31

Eu Amo O Benfica %

Leaving Prime Video:
Quiet Place (October 1)
Below Deck: Mediterranean (October 6)
Below Deck: Sailing Yacht (October 6)
Shahs of Sunset (October 6)
Take Care Good Night (October 10)
Clifford the Big Red Dog (October 14)
Clarice (October 14)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (October 14)
Simran (October 17)
Sleepy Hollow (October 27)
The Secret: Dare to Dream (October 27)
A Journal for Jordan (October 28)
It's Only the End of the World (October 31)
Gerry (October 31)
He Shoots, He Scores (October 31)
Seven Days (October 31)
Heat Wave (October 31)
Bad Seeds (October 31)
Bhoomi (October 31)
Gabrielle (October 31)
Major Junior (October 31)
A Thrill of the Hill (October 31)
My Internship In Canada (October 31)
Wild Run: The Legend (October 31)
Babin (October 31)
Ego Trip (October 31)
Barefoot at Dawn (October 31)
The Pee-Wee: The Winter That Changed My Life (Subtitled) (October 31)
The Bait (October 31)
The Little Queen (October 31)
A Knight's Tale (October 31)
Hochelaga, Land of Souls (October 31)
Esimesac (October 31)
Tom at the Farm (October 31)
5150, Elm's Way (October 31)
The Heart Is What Dies Last (October 31)
Inch' Allah (October 31)
An Eye for Beauty (October 31)
The Great Wall (October 31)
Taking the Plunge 2 (October 31)

* Amazon Original
% Prime Video Exclusive 

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