Here's Everything Coming to Paramount+ in July 2024

Including 'Melissa Etheridge: I'm Not Broken,' 'Jane the Virgin,' 'Red Eye' (the new series and the original movie), 'Baywatch,' 'Mafia Spies' and more

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BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 27, 2024

Hot take: Melissa Etheridge's "Come to My Window" is going to get a climate change-induced renaissance at some point during these sticky summer months, because that's where the little air-conditioning unit lives. You can learn more about the 1993 closeted-lesbian anthem, and everything else about Etheridge and her career, in the new documentary Melissa Etheridge: I'm Not Broken — one of the new arrivals coming to Paramount+ in the month of July.

Elsewhere in the (heat)wave of new content scheduled to hit the streaming service this month is the 2014 telenovela-inspired drama that made Gina Rodriguez a star, Jane the Virgin. Not sure how that one's aged! The programming highlights likewise include Red Eye — both the new TV series and the 2005 film — as well as Mafia Spies, Deep Impact, The Boy in the Woods, and the wet, hot summer classic, Baywatch.

You can also catch new episodes of Paw Patrol and a new season of SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off Kamp Koral with the whole family. Find all that and more with Paramount+'s slate of July new arrivals — and don't forget to check out what's coming to Netflix, Prime Video, MUBI and Disney+ too to set up the perfect midsummer night's queue.

July 2

Everybody Wants Some!!
Paw Patrol, new episode block

July 5

Red Eye (series)
Snack Shack

July 9

Melissa Etheridge: I'm Not Broken
Red Eye
Donnie Darko

July 10

Kamp Koral, S2 *

July 12  

PD True, S1 *
Drugstore June
One Life

July 15  

Code Black, S1–3

July 16

Mafia Spies *
Dead Ringers
Deep Impact

July 19

Jane the Virgin, S1–5  
The Cursed

July 20  

Sleeping Dogs

July 22

Ghost Whisperer, S1–5

July 23

The Loud House, new episode block

July 26

The Boy in the Woods *
Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship, S3
Love Rat

July 30

The Loud House: The Really Loud House, new episode block

* Paramount+ original

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