Games Girls Play Jack Arnold

Lord knows you can’t call this ’70s sexploitation romp a good movie. Its jokes are all feeble, its acting is all floundering and its intentions are front and centre about not giving a damn about anything but T&A. Still, it was kind of fun to see this giggly, faux-innocent bit of cheese erotica, especially from the jaded vantage point of 21st century porn. The Stewardesses’ Christina Hart stars as a teenage sexpot who has so embarrassed her diplomat father that they are both booted to Britain to avoid a Yankee scandal. Papa exiles her to an uptight girl’s school but this being softcore, she wastes no time in getting her new friends to swim nude and plot the sexual conquest of various visiting dignitaries. Clothes come off, standards are flouted and with a little elbow grease, world peace hangs in the balance. The keepcase promises that this is "as politically incorrect as they go” and of course, it is but it’s interesting to see how lacking in hostility it is. The angry, resentful erotic arena right now is nowhere in evidence and if one would be crazy to see this as anything other than the wishful thinking of a bunch of stupid men, it doesn’t seem to despise its heroines in the manner of so much exploitation, then and now. I had fun watching this and for reasons other than being a horn dog (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The only extra is an interesting interview with Christina Hart, in which she recalls her surprise at discovering The Stewardesses was actually a sex film, and her mixed feelings at being in exploitation and never having control over her career. (Dark Sky)