Flying Lotus Scores Eddie Alcazar's New 'Perfect' Film

Flying Lotus Scores Eddie Alcazar's New 'Perfect' Film
After scoring Eddie Alcazar's short film FUCKKKYOUUU back in 2015, Flying Lotus is now set to lend his musical expertise to a new psychological thriller from the director.

FlyLo will provide the score to Alcazar's Perfect, which is set to premiere next month at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival. The project, initially announced in 2016 under the title Puberty, also names the Brainfeeder beatsmith as executive producer.

The film centres on a young man with a violent past, who enters a mysterious clinic where patients transform themselves through genetic engineering. 

The synopsis reads as follows:

A boy in a cold and stark modern house, in a vaguely science fictional world, is seduced by advertisements of perfection to install implantable characteristics directly into his body. The implants heal his dark, twisted visions, but come with a corporeal cost. He persists on applying them, hoping to reach perfection, but ultimately he discovers that purity of mind is not exactly as he's imagined.

The film will star Garrett Wareing, Courtney Eaton, Tao Okamoto, Maurice Compte, Abbie Cornish, Martin Sensmeier, Sarah McDaniel, Chris Santos, Leonardo Nam and Regan 'Busdriver' Farquhar. Ted Kupper wrote the screenplay.

You can learn more about Perfect over here.

Flying Lotus' most recent score project was the Blade Runner short film Black Out 2022. His 2017 feature film Kuso was also said to have half his new album in it.