Dwayne Johnson's Updated Wax Figure Is Still Being Called Whitewashed

'The Dwayne Johnson Story' might need a sequel

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Oct 25, 2023

So, the wax museum beat continues. Just two days after Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took to Instagram to call for upgrades to the rather pale replica of his likeness, Paris's Musée Grevin has responded with a new figure that, if you ask them, is so accurate it might just be Johnson himself standing really, really still. Fans, on the other hand, aren't so sure it's much different.

In a short video posted to Instagram titled The Dwayne Johnson Story, the museum's managing director Yves Delhommeau deftly shifted the blame to the lighting, saying that the figure looked different once placed on its pedestal. 

"We got a big surprise when we put him under the lights. His skin tone seemed too pale," he said. "Painting on wax is very complicated. It's a long process, like oil painting ... it's been a major task for the sculptor. We're going to keep improving it." 

Several fans have responded to the video, pointing out that the figure still appears to be European, while others are accusing the museum of updating it solely to capitalize on the publicity. 

One commenter wrote: "You guys still got it wrong … he is a Black Samoan man … your Ethnocentrism is showing."

"Wow great marketing strategy! If the goal was to make you talk, mission accomplished!! 😂😂 Quick tip, next time I advise you to wear glasses and do some research," wrote another.

Johnson, whose father was Black Nova Scotian and mother is of Samoan background, has yet to comment on the updated figure. 

Watch Musée Grevin's The Dwayne Johnson Story below for a full-body glimpse of the updated statue. 

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