Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Asks Paris Museum to "Update" His Wax Figure's Skin Tone

The actor would like to see "some important details and improvements" made to the museum's Mr. Clean-ass sculpture

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 23, 2023

Last week, the Musée Grevin in Paris unveiled its latest wax figure — and by the depth of the cocked eyebrow alone, it's evident that we're meant to believe that this cursed hunk of beeswax in a polo shirt is the likeness of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson even though it looks more like a younger, edgier Mr. Clean.

The internet quickly flooded the wax museum's comments section with "Sorry to this man" quips à la Keke Palmer, making it clear that they do not know who this white man is. Now, Johnson himself has addressed the controversial wax figure that looks like it hasn't seen the sun in many moons, saying that he will be asking Musée Grevin to "update" its skin tone.

The actor re-posted an Instagram Reel by comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr., sharing his disbelief with his followers that this was supposed to be a wax recreation of The Rock. "You know, Black-ass Samoan the Rock? That's how Paris thinks he looks. They turned the Rock into a pebble! They done turned the Rock into an albino rock," Jefferson said. "How are you gonna take all the n— out of Dwayne Johnson?!"

Johnson wrote, "I knew my boy @jamesjeffersonjr had this Rock wax statue in his roasting crosshairs," the mega-star admitting that the bit where Jefferson asked, "Is this how y'all felt when you lost The Little Mermaid?" had him "legit" belly laughing.

"For the record, I'm going to have my team reach out to our friends at Grevin Museum, in Paris, France 🇫🇷 so we can work at 'updating' my wax figure here with some important details and improvements — starting with my skin colour," Johnson added. "And next time I'm in Paris, I'll stop in and have a drink with myself."

In an email to Deadline, a spokesperson for the museum said that the actor was right; "We noticed it and will obviously remedy it as quickly as possible and send him new photos once completed," they wrote. "We are waiting for him when he will come to Paris and the Grevin Wax Museum to celebrate that with a cup of champagne."

Of course, the Rock is far from the only celebrity to be accursed by a wax figure of themself, with fellow Black stars like Rihanna also being victimized by some white-washed recreations with negligible similarities at best. Have we as a society not progressed beyond the need for these? And wax figures, in general?

See Johnson's post sharing Jefferson's very funny take-down video below.

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