David Cronenberg Wants to Reunite Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a New Movie

It's not a 'Twilight' reboot

BY Allie GregoryPublished May 31, 2022

Now that David Cronenberg has unleashed the walkout-inspiring body horror of Crimes of the Future on the Cannes critics, he's clocked a solid feature-length film with both Twilight lead actors, this year with Kristen Stewart, and previously with Robert Pattinson in 2012's Cosmopolis.

Revealing that he's had "a great time" working with both actors in a new interview with World of Reel, the Canadian director shared that he has a plan to reunite the former co-stars and partners in a new film.

"It was Robert who actually introduced me to Kristen," said Cronenberg. "They have developed beautifully, separately, as actors. Making arthouse movies and successfully carrying that off. Kristen and I had a great time and Rob and I had a great time."

The director continued: "For me, yeah, I can definitely think of a movie, or idea, that would be great to have them both together. I don't want to get into it because it wouldn't be my next movie, however, it might be problematic since fans might expect a certain kind of relationship and that would get in the way of creating new characters for them."

Cronenberg continued to say that since he's busy with his next project, the Twilight actors' reunion remains "only theoretical for now." As he works the press circuit for Crimes of the Future over the next few days leading up to its theatrical release, Cronenberg will also have his forthcoming film The Shrouds, starring Vincent Cassel, to begin prepping for. That project begins shooting this summer.

Crimes — which stars Stewart, Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux — arrives on June 3.

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