Confirmed: The Ending to the Original 'IT' Sucks

OG Pennywise Tim Curry has revealed that the original's ending was a total letdown

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Sep 1, 2017

While Stephen King's IT is set to haunt the big screen, the mini-series' OG clown Tim Curry is speaking out against the original version and confirming what everyone who's seen it knows — the ending sucks.

The original 1990 adaptation featured a stellar performance from Curry, who played IT's original Pennywise and went on to effectively make an entire generation scared to death of clowns. As great as his performance was, though, the actor has revealed in a new interview that the ending of the original adaptation was a disappointment.

Before we go any further here, though, be warned that major spoilers are ahead, so if you don't want to ruin anything, stop reading now. Okay, you've been warned...

In a new interview with The Guardian, Curry had this to say about the original IT: "I was very disappointed by the ending, when I turned into a rather unconvincing spider."

Yes, that's how it all ends — with the seriously frightening Pennywise eventually just becoming a big, dumb, cheesy-looking spider. That said, at least it skipped out on the whole orgy thing.

Despite Curry's criticism of the original's ending, he did have high praise for King, though, saying, "I'd read most of his books before doing It; he's such a great storyteller. I love that he is more likely to quote Springsteen than Shakespeare. He's got a great sense of how children think and speak. And a feeling for landscapes. I think he knows that everyone is vulnerable to something."

Curry also said that, to this day, he's still repeatedly remembered for his role in IT.

"Some people are obsessed with Pennywise. I went out to dinner last night, and I'm currently in a wheelchair because I had a stroke five years ago. And a guy saw me and stood up and said, 'I've seen the original Pennywise!' And I said, 'Well, good for you.' I think whatever scares the pants off you when you're a child is an image that always stays with you."

To see if Andrés Muschietti's new version of IT makes up for that past wrong, you can see it in theatres on September 8.

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