'Black Mirror' Season 6 Underway at Netflix

Dystopia is a place on TV

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 16, 2022

Despite new world-shaking monstrosities happening IRL on a daily basis, there has been a Black Mirror-shaped void in our lives since Season 5 of the Netflix series aired in June 2019. A whole pandemic has taken place since then, so we haven't really needed it, but still.

Today, Variety confirmed that the sixth season of the dystopian drama from creator Charlie Brooker is in the works at the streaming giant.

Details remain sparse, but Season 6 is promising more episodes than the fifth instalment, which comprised just three chapters (featuring appearances by Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice, Madison Davenport, Andrew Scott, Damson Idris, Topher Grace, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Beharie, Pom Klementieff and Ludi Lin).

Sources say that the cinematic scope of each episode has expanded even further from the notoriously high production values of the series' recent offerings, with each being treated as its own film.

Brooker previously cast doubt on the future of the show, which has been around since 2011, saying that society has no "stomach" for it back in 2020 and ran a Black Mirror ad campaign of actual mirrors, suggesting the sixth season was underway in reality.

The creator recognized the existential dread of living through that year to a degree arguably further than most: he made a mockumentary about it called Death to 2020. Here we are in the year 2022, and it seems Brooker has decided that we're ready for more fictional dystopia.

Casting for Black Mirror Season 6 is reportedly underway.

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