Bad Boys II Michael Bay

Bad Boys II is a high-fat, low nutrient cream puff of a sequel that no one was really asking for — other than rising stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, was there anything particularly memorable about the 1995 original? I remember it being funny at least, which Bad Boys II is distinctly not. Instead, director Bay (Pearl Harbor) blows up thousands of cars as part of massive gunfights, and spends a reported $180 million making Miami look fake; that's more (per movie) than Peter Jackson spent making Middle-Earth real. For such an exercise in excess, the two-disc DVD is surprisingly slipshod, not to mention irritating. Rather than provide any coherent narrative of the film's process, the DVD featurettes have been smashed into tiny pieces; after a half-dozen of these miniscule snippets, frustration outweighs interest. And considering the 2:25 of fat, how could there be another 20 minutes of deleted scenes? Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer must be stopped. Plus: production diaries, sequence breakdowns, stunts and visual effects featurettes, Jay-Z video. (Columbia)