A New 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Project May Be Headed Our Way

A New 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Project May Be Headed Our Way
Like countless other classic horror franchises, A Nightmare on Elm Street appears to be set for a reboot.

While rumours have been swirling about a revival of late director Wes Craven's horror film series a lot recently — with Elijah Wood even recently saying he'd like to produce a new Elm Street film — the Wes Craven estate is now apparently shopping around a new Nightmare on Elm Street project, Bloody Disgusting reports.

According to the publication, the estate has been looking into doing either a new feature film or a TV series, possibly through HBO's upcoming HBO Max streaming service. However, at this point, the talks seem to be in the very early stages, with nothing so far confirmed.

Craven passed away in 2015, but unlike some franchises, such as Friday the 13th, it doesn't seem that the Elm Street property is tied up in mountains of legal disputes that would block a new project from the franchise. As Bloody Disgusting points out, the U.S. rights to Nightmare on Elm Street reverted back to the Wes Craven estate earlier this year.

Plus, it was just recently announced that Craven's Scream is set for a reboot.

However, if a Elm Street project does actually get off the ground, there's no doubt that Freddy Krueger will be back to slash your dreams to bits — and hopefully played by OG actor Robert Englund.

The first A Nightmare on Elm Street movie arrive back in 1984, spawning multiple sequels over the years. In fact, we've already got one reboot — 2010's Michael Bay-produced A Nightmare on Elm Street — a film that ultimately flopped both at the box office and with fans.

In 2015, New Line Cinema also was reportedly trying to get another reboot off the ground, this time with Orphan writer David Leslie Johnson.

At this point, stay tuned... or maybe get David Gordon Green on the phone ASAP.