You Can Finally Get a (Tattooed) Pete Davidson Dildo

It will reportedly "gyrate accordingly" during his 'SNL' appearances
You Can Finally Get a (Tattooed) Pete Davidson Dildo
Are you someone who, more often than not, finds themselves lusting after Pete Davidson? Were you distraught to learn of the rumoured romance between the comedian and Kim Kardashian this week? Fear not, as you'll soon be able to get a piece of Davidson any time you like, with the arrival of a dildo inspired by the Saturday Night Live star.

The New York Post points out that the plastic Davidson dong — which you can take a look at here — arrives courtesy of adult entertainment site CamSoda.

"Pete doesn't have to be locked down with just Kim," CamSoda vice president Daryn Parker told the publication of the Davidson-inspired dildo. "We can all share a piece of the SNL stud and get to know him more intimately."

Parker added that in addition to sporting those tasteful tattoos, the prosthetic Pete peter "will gyrate accordingly" when he appears on Saturday Night Live. Sounds like one hell of a Weekend Update.

Who knows, maybe CamSoda will go full Rammstein and release a set of toys for every "SNL stud" in the cast, or worse yet, roll out a model with the face of its inspiration on it.

In any case, it appears that The King of Staten Island has an entirely different meaning now.