Tim Heidecker Pledges Absence of "Anti-Trans Weirdo Surprise Guests" on Upcoming Tour

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BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 25, 2022

Tim Heidecker has done what many have seemingly found themselves unable to do, pledging to fans that his summer tour in support of his forthcoming new album High School will be free of "anti[-]trans weirdo surprise guests."

The comedian-musician's promise comes in light of former all-around-good-guy John Mulaney's Friday (May 20) performance in Columbus, OH. To open his set on the John Mulaney from Scratch tour that night, Mulaney brought out noted transphobe, Dave Chappelle, as a surprise guest.

Though attendees' phones were locked up during the show [via Variety], Chappelle reportedly made anti-LGBTQ2S+ jokes during the unwelcome appearance — which prompted news of Mulaney's surprise opener to trend on Twitter over the weekend. Many people, including Mulaney fans and audience members, expressed criticism toward the comedian, who apparently shared an embrace with Chappelle at the end of the latter's so-called "stand-up" performance.

If you have blissfully missed out, it was somehow just last October that Chappelle's Netflix special The Closer — wherein he defended J.K. Rowling and called himself a TERF — premiered on the streaming giant, which refused to remove it from the service even after immense internal and external criticism, including a walkout by their trans employee resource group.

The likes of Caitlyn Jenner and JAY-Z have rushed to the comedian's defence, while others have rushed the stage: Chappelle was attacked during a set earlier this month. These brazen attempts to tell social justice warriors to kick rocks have seemingly become en vogue, with Ricky Gervais taking aim at transgender people in his new Netflix special.

Thankfully, Heidecker refuses to follow their lead. When a detractor who hadn't heard of him before accused him of "riding coattails," with his Saturday (May 21) pledge in tweet-form, he dropped the following sick burn: "What other cool shit don't you know about?"

Lots, we'd wager.

See Heidecker's tweets below and keep the bleeding heart of non-transphobic comedy alive.
Earlier this month, he shared latest High School preview "Punch in the Gut."

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