Sara Schaefer

Paul O'Regan Hall, Halifax NS, October 20

BY Vish KhannaPublished Oct 21, 2016

Visiting Canada from the States, Sara Schaefer felt Canadians' pain regarding the U.S. election, going so far as to suggest that if the world ended tomorrow, she might well be fine with that. She leaned into this conceit with conviction by really taking the lemons life has given her, personally.
Her physical comedy was subtle but her face and stances, in an early bit about how embarrassed she is by her night terror-induced screaming, were as funny as the story itself. She railed at conspiracy theorists who, emboldened by alt-right talking points making it into GOP stump speeches, have reared their heads more in the past few months. But it wasn't so much what they had to say that set her off, as much as it was their newfangled evidence sheds. She saved almost as much ire for food shows like Chopped Junior, which clearly think we want to see children emotionally broken by mysterious picnic baskets.
Schaefer was goofy in her vitriol, occasionally even dipping into Jim Gaffigan's arsenal of silly narrative voices to convey her pointed observations and it all made for an endearing show.

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