Rick Moranis Returns to the Screen... But It's for a Cellphone Commercial

He appears alongside Ryan Reynolds in a new ad for Mint Mobile

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 9, 2020

Rick Moranis has officially ended his lengthy on-screen hiatus in the most unlikely of places. Today, Moranis has lined up alongside fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds in a new ad for the latter's cellphone company, Mint Mobile.

As part of his sales pitch for a new unlimited phone plan, Reynolds brings Moranis out into his mint pasture, introducing him as "an actor we've all gone too long without." Moranis asks, "Listen, why am I here?," to which Reynolds bashfully replies, "I'm just a huge fan."

We're due to see more of Moranis soon in a new Honey, I Shrunk the Kids film, which would mark his first theatrical appearance since taking a hiatus from on-screen roles in 1997. More recently, he appeared as himself in 2018 SCTV reunion special, An Afternoon with SCTV.

Moranis also had one of his iconic SCTV characters immortalized with a statue in Edmonton earlier this year.

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