Nathan Fielder: "My Number One Goal Whenever I'm Performing Is to Get Sex"

The comedian and Kate Berlant open up, possibly ironically, about wanting to be sexualized

Photo courtesy of HBO

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 22, 2022

Nathan Fielder: absurdist comedian, creator of one of Exclaim!'s favourite TV shows of the year, and big-time hornball? The Canadian funnyman just conducted an interview with fellow comic Kate Berlant, and the two both agree that they very much want to be perceived as hot.

The conversation for Interview Magazine is transcribed, rather than a video, so it's difficult to read the layers of irony coming from the ever-deadpan Fielder. The two discuss sex, with Berlant complaining that contemporary culture is "absolutely terrified of sex," to the point where the sexual parts of her standup special Cinnamon in the Wind have been overlooked. "No one wants to talk about it," she says. "There's parts in the show, too, where I'm kind of overly sexed."

To this, Fielder responds, "As a performer myself, I can say that my number one goal whenever I'm performing is to get sex." This is clearly true, as Nathan for You and The Rehearsal were extremely titillating shows. Big-time horny stuff. Awoooga!

With sex on the brain, Fielder goes on to ask Berlant more about her desire to be sexualized, saying, "Let's say you looked out into the audience and someone was jacking off. Would you like that? Or would you be like, 'That's too far'?" When Berlant says she isn't sure, Fielder responds, "Well let me say, Kate, when I was watching the show, I found you gorgeous and really sexy."

Berlant then thanks Fielder. Later, as they sign off at the end of the interview, Fielder adds, "And Kate, you're so fucking hot." Get a room, you two! 

Read the very funny conversation over at Interview Magazine. The Rehearsal and Cinnamon in the Wind are both streaming now.

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