Mike Myers and Dana Carvey Reunite 'Wayne's World'

The pair are back as Wayne and Garth for a Super Bowl ad
Mike Myers and Dana Carvey Reunite 'Wayne's World'
Get ready your best schwing jokes because Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are staging a Wayne's World reunion.

The actors have suited back up as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, though it's for an advertisement. Uber Eats has shelled out a bunch of cash to get the pair back together for the company's Super Bowl ad, and ahead of the full advertisement on February 7, you can watch a teaser trailer below.

The clip is just 30 seconds, and mainly revolves around a joke where — for legal reasons — Wayne and Garth can't say they're in a Super Bowl ad.

"We'll see you on the 'big bowl,'" Wayne and Garth say. "The gigantic bowl."

This is the first time Myers and Carvey have transformed into their '90s slacker duo since 2015, when they reunited as the characters for Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special.