Mike Bullard Stick 2 Comedy

Mike Bullard, the king of Canadian evening talk shows, isn't a bad guy after all. Actually, he's quite the genius — even Mr. Spock would get a kick out of this. His first comedy album, Stick 2 Comedy, comprises material recorded live on tour as well as skits that act as segues. In the classic great Canadian way of analytical self-debasement, Bullard attacks the concept of his audience's perception instead of blurting quickly dateable subjects that are found on most comedy albums. He is comfortable with poking fun at himself and mocks the ill-fated musical genre crossover attempts that some comedians have failed at (hence the title). He covers and mimics a vast array of his television audience that range from bar patrons, to living room couch potatoes in skits that portray self-attention-straying debates as to whether Mike Bullard is actually funny and doing a good job on his television show on a nightly basis. What is captured best here is his extremely sharp comebacks and witty ability to mentally manipulate any audience member he speaks to, causing them to put their own feet in their mouths at the lightest of times. Bullard proves he possesses the preying skills to be an ace Customs or Immigration Officer, and is perhaps the only television personality to don the status of a “threat phenomenon” to his easily susceptible audiences. Hecklers can't even win against him. Whether you like him or not, Mike Bullard doesn't give a fuck either way. (Vik)