Mike Bullard Charged with Criminal Harassment

Mike Bullard Charged with Criminal Harassment
Canadian media personality and standup comedian Mike Bullard has been charged with criminal harassment following allegations that he stalked and harassed City TV journalist Cynthia Mulligan. The two had dated briefly in 2015.

As the Toronto Star reports, Bullard faces five charges that include criminal harassment, obstruction of justice and breaching conditions to stay away from Mulligan. The charges were issued in three separate batches between September and November.

After the first set of charges were handed out, Bullard was let go from Bell Media, where he had hosted Beyond the Mic with Mike Bullard on Newstalk 1010.

The Star reports that Bullard's charges stem from hundreds of phone calls and text messages made to Mulligan following their split. The case also alleges that he violated a court order and visited her home multiple times. The court documents allege that Mulligan "feared for her personal safety."

"I phoned her twice after we broke up," Bullard told the Star. When confronted with the fact that he had allegedly called her hundreds of times, he added, "OK, maybe I called her three or four times."

Still, Bullard insists he is innocent. He claims the charges stem from a "bad breakup" and are "a very personal thing between me and her." He claims these charges have ruined him. ""I have nothing," he told the Star "I'm going through hell right now. It's something I didn't do."

Bullard is due in court today (November 16), where he will receive additional disclosure from the Crown.