'Long Night with Vish Khanna' Gets Its Own TV Series with Shad, Weaves, Fucked Up, the Sadies

'Long Night with Vish Khanna' Gets Its Own TV Series with Shad, Weaves, Fucked Up, the Sadies
Exclaim!'s very own comedy editor Vish Khanna has been staging his Long Night with Vish Khanna at Long Winter events in Toronto for the last few years, and he's ready to make the jump to TV. In conjunction with Fibe TV1, Long Winter and Khanna's own Kreative Kontrol, the talk show will be recorded for the screen.
The upcoming episodes will land on the on-demand TV service and YouTube, but first, you're invited to take part in person by attending a series of upcoming tapings.
Six episodes are slated to shoot next week in Longboat Hall at the Great Hall in Toronto, with two tapings a night scheduled for January 30, January 31 and February 1.
The episodes' themes and accompanying guest rosters have just been revealed, as well.
January 30 will see the question Is rock music dead? discussed by Carl Wilson, Shad and Weaves' Jasmyn Burke, followed by a late show asking Do women thrive in the music biz? featuring Denise Donlon, Fucked Up's Sandy Miranda and Hooded Fang's April Aliermo.
The January 31 early episode is titled The Sadies in Conversation and Performance, and will deliver exactly what that sounds like, followed by an examination of How do our voices work? with Bad Singer author Tim Falconer, voice coach Micah Barnes, Fucked Up's Damiam Abraham and Casey Mecija.
Finally, February 1 will host the tapings of Why have indie-rock and indie gaming fallen in love? with Mare Sheppard, Raigan Burns and Shaun Hatton of Laser Destroyer Team/Magashaun, then Are we too desperate to be famous? with Nirvanna the Band the Show and Anne T. Donahue.
The tapings are free to attend, and you can get all the details here. Below, watch a teaser for the upcoming television events.

In addition to the new of the new series, Long Winter has also just announced the next live instalment, which takes place on February 4 at the Theatre Centre. It will include performances by Devon Welsh, Off World (Sandro Perri and Lorenz Peter), Saidah Conrad, Germaphobes, L CON, FIN, Young Clancy, Roberto and Vibrant Matter.