JFL42 Review: Ron Funches Is Loveable First and Foremost

The Garrison, Toronto ON, September 22

BY Audrey CarletonPublished Sep 23, 2019

Ron Funches' signature giggle and uniquely kind joke delivery are hard to miss. The comedian has made a career out of gentle observational comedy; he has sassy things to say about the world, to be sure, but delivers them in a sweet, loving tone that leaves you wondering how he actually feels.
He says that he didn't want his girlfriend to move in with him, for example — a seemingly harsh statement that he quickly follows with a slew of compliments about her and admission of the fact that it's only because he's been hurt in the past. He declares his resentment for his mom for never believing in his comedy career, but quickly walks it back, saying he believes she deserves the world (and the right to sleep with LeBron James). He hates David Spade for being his girlfriend's childhood crush, but admits that he sees Spade around Los Angeles all the time, has worked with him in the past, and actually, doesn't seem to mind him at all.
Between each of his bits, Funches takes time to dole out gems of wisdom. He peppers his sets with lessons about getting through divorce, overcoming food addiction and raising a son with autism, all moments that remind you of his humanity and keep you on his side.
All the while, he remains self-aware of how he comes off; he's the first to admit that his voice sounds much like a "cartoon bear teaching you responsibility," a statement that's startlingly accurate.
Funches' commitment to kindness is admirable, especially in an industry that places capital on cynicism and negativity. It's hard not to laugh along with the seasoned comic each time he lets out a classic Funches giggle.

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