The Last Blockbuster Is Getting Its Very Own Documentary

Ironically, it will arrive as a digital-only release this winter

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Aug 18, 2020

The world's last Blockbuster recently made headlines for converting itself into an Airbnb, but now it's getting a whole lot more attention via an entire documentary film.

Blockbuster Video's last remaining video rental outpost — located in Bend, OR, of all places — is the subject of the new documentary called The Last Blockbuster. Arriving via 1091 Pictures, the documentary is set for release on December 15, Variety reports, and you can watch a previously shared trailer below to get an idea what's in store.

The film promises to follow Oregon store manger Sandi Hardin as she struggles to keep the video rental store alive as the once-mighty Blockbuster went bankrupt and as Netflix changed home viewing forever. Ironically, The Last Blockbuster will not be available for actual IRL rental, but available to purchase digitally and as an on-demand rental.

The Last Blockbuster was directed by Taylor Morden and written and produced by Zeke Kamm. It also features interview with the likes of Kevin Smith, Ron Funches, Adam Brody, Ione Skye, Doug Benson and Paul Scheer, with narration by Lauren Lapkus.

In a joint statement, Morden and Kamm said: "The Last Blockbuster brings the world together over our shared memory of Friday night pizza and renting movies. For us the perfect next step was getting together with 1091 Pictures to release it just in time for the holidays."

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