Jerry "Fancy Boy" Seinfeld Is Reportedly a Billionaire

A new 'Bloomberg' report estimates his net worth at over $1 billion USD, although a representative for the comedian called the valuation "inaccurate"

Photo: Raph_PH

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Mar 22, 2024

What's the deal with Jerry Seinfeld's net worth now seemingly topping $1 billion USD? Bloomberg reports that the man best known for starring in a sitcom about nothing certainly has more than that in the bank.

While Seinfeld would obviously be presumably wealthy, it's a bit surprising that he's making Taylor Swift-levels of dough. According to Bloomberg, he's made $465 million in syndication deals alone. 

Toss in a $94-million Netflix streaming deal, real estate, investments that the publication reports he's been making since 1990, plus a healthy touring income since the '80s, and you get to a billion. Well, maybe — a representative for Seinfeld apparently refuted the valuation and called Bloomberg's net worth sum "inaccurate" without going into further detail.

Still, it's hardly impossible when Seinfeld remains — to some — just as popular now as it was when the series finale aired more than two decades ago. People are also even more rabid in clinging onto reunion rumours, even if Jason Alexander doesn't know anything about them

You certainly can't put a price on the fact that that transphobic AI-generated Seinfeld remains a haunting reminder of why we need regulations on the use of artificial intelligence in art.

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