AI-Generated 'Seinfeld' Suspended from Twitch for Transphobic Jokes

'Nothing, Forever' lead Larry Feinberg made the comments in a standup set

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 6, 2023

Last week, an AI-generated version of Seinfeld called Nothing, Forever went suddenly viral with its cursed version of the sitcom, which streamed 24/7 on Twitch. Now, however, Nothing, Forever has been suspended from Twitch for two weeks after lead character Larry Feinberg (the show's version of Jerry Seinfeld) made transphobic and homophobic jokes in a standup bit.

Vice reports that the jokes happened late last night (February 5), and while Twitch hasn't announced anything publicly, it seems that the jokes were the reason for the ban.

"Hey everybody. Here's the latest: we received a 14-day suspension due to what Larry Feinberg said tonight during a club bit," show co-creator Xander wrote on Discord. "We've appealed the ban, and we'll let you know as we know more on what Twitch decides. Regardless of the outcome of the appeal, we'll be back and will spend the time working to ensure to the best of our abilities that nothing like that happens again."

In the standup set, Feinberg said, "I'm thinking about doing a bit about how being transgender is actually a mental illness. Or how all liberals are secretly gay and want to impose their will on everyone. Or something about how transgender people are ruining the fabric of society. But no one is laughing, so I'm going to stop. Thanks for coming out tonight, see you next time. Where'd everybody go?"

The bit can be seen below. As of last week, Nothing, Forever's livestream was attracting around 10,000 viewers at a time. As of this writing, the stream is down and has been replaced with a message that reads, "This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service."

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