HEALTH and Pauly Shore Lead a "Reverse Telethon" to Surprise Release 'DISCO3'

HEALTH and Pauly Shore Lead a 'Reverse Telethon' to Surprise Release 'DISCO3'
While the "surprise album" idea is getting to be anything but a surprise, HEALTH are least trying something a little different with their attempt. Today (February 17) the noise-loving band roped in Bio-Dome resident Pauly Shore and the folks of Funny or Die to hold a "reverse telethon" to release DISCO3.

The newly dropped album features a collection of remixes from the likes of Purity Ring, Preoccupations, Marcus Whale, Vessel and more, as well as some new studio tracks. You can stream away down at the bottom of the page.

As for that "reverse telethon," you can watch Shore lead the proceedings in the video below, in which Shore and his call centre proceed to you, the viewer, instead of you calling them. Spoiler: "Steve Aoki" makes an appearance, as well as a deluge of F bombs.

DISCO3 follows 2015's Death Magic, not to mention DISCO and DISCO2.