HEALTH Go To the <i>DISCO</i>
In efforts to make noise danceable, HEALTH will be releasing a beat-friendly remix album this spring. Entitled HEALTH//DISCO, the collection will feature remixes from recent tour-mates Crystal Castles, Acid Girls, Pink Skull and Thrust Lab, among others. It will also come as one of those fancy enhanced discs and contain a section called DISCO+, which finds ever more remixers such as Toxic Avenger and Captain Ahab, having a go at HEALTH tracks.

And if all these artists follow an approach similar to Narctrax, whose "Heaven” redo popped up online last year, you can definitely expect an extreme HEALTH makeover with DISCO. The Tokyo DJ transformed all of HEALTH’s usual noise pop screams into one hell of a banger and has now set a pretty high bar for this collection.

HEALTH//DISCO will be released via Lovepump United May 13.

Here is the tracklisting:

1 Triceratops (Acid Girls Rmx A)
2 Lost Time (Pictureplane Rmx)
3 Triceratops (Acid Girls Rmx B)
4 Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH)
5 Heaven (Narctrax Rmx)
6 Problem Is (Thrust Lab Rmx)
7 Triceratops (CFCF Rmx)
8 Lost Time (C.L.A.W.S. Rmx)
9 Tabloid Sores (Nosajthing Rmx)
10 Heaven (Pink Skull Rmx)
11 Perfect Skin (Curses! Rmx)