'Funny or Die' Accuses Father John Misty of Ripping Off Comedy Sketch

'Funny or Die' Accuses Father John Misty of Ripping Off Comedy Sketch
While the weird week in pop music had many focusing on Father John Misty's uploaded and later deleted cover of Ryan Adams' cover of the Taylor Swift song "Blank Space," you may have forgotten that the guy born Josh Tillman also just dropped a video in which he bones himself. Funny or Die sure hasn't, though, noting in a possibly jokey post that Misty's "The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment" video shares more than a few similarities with its own "Go Fuck Yourself" sketch from 2011.

Via screengrabs and gifs, the post posits that the new video is staged quite similarly to their old comedy sketch, which starred a young Dave Franco courting himself at a local bar before engaging in "a night of hot sex." Compared are shots of both Franco and Tillman entering their respective bars, ordering drinks, downing shots and, eventually, getting ready to bed their doppelgängers.

One difference is that the Franco couple spend a day splashing around at the beach, while the Tillman twins opt to get wet in a private pool. Even so, the post, which seems playfully tongue-in-cheek, notes of this: "Not sure this is their jurisdiction, but someone clearly broke the law. Same. Exact. Video."

Of the coital conclusion, Misty's bedroom eyes are a tad milder than the full-on grinding going on in the Funny or Die sketch. Of this, the website says: "Dave certainly took it a step further, but yeah. Same video. Watch the two full videos below and draw your own conclusions. Oh, and Father John Misty? If you're reading this, go fuck yourself."

If you're unsure of the seriousness of the post, welcome to Father John Misty's world. He went to Twitter to discuss the controversy, confused over the claims of plagiarism. You'll find his responses, as well as both narcissistic sex-a-thons, down below.

While the Funny or Die/Father John Misty connection feels tense at the moment, Tillman delivered a more intentionally tributary sketch earlier this year. You'll find his salutation to Sammy Davis Jr.'s '70s-era scat-jazz commercial for Suntory Whisky over here.