Brian Jordan Alvarez's "Sitting" Is a Wonderful Thing to Listen To

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BY Allie GregoryPublished Sep 27, 2023

It's kinda like a nap. It's kinda like something else but it is actually just "Sitting" by TJ Mack (Brian Jordan Alvarez).

You may recognize Alvarez's name (but likely not his face in the filtered TikTok from which this banger originated) as the mastermind behind The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo. Like that exquisite piece of web history (see Freckle's many monologues or the declaration about taking a wet shower), Alvarez's on-the-nose writing(?) pours pleasure into the mundane, prioritizes human compulsion and, sure, lets us have a laugh along the way. 

This thing has been remixed to hell by everyone and presented in every genre, and even though the internet lore behind his TJ Mack character (and his Grinch-faced wife) is thicker than a Tolkien novel, this has sort of been his biggest viral break in a while. Alvarez's a cappella original isn't available for streaming, and I guess it's not really a "song" song, but I don't actually give a shit — I love it. Judge me if you want. 


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