Dave Foley Is Right About Amazon "Ruining the Planet, but Producing Some Great Television"

For instance, the company is turning viral Ring doorbell footage into a new show

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 16, 2022

Earlier this year, the Kids in the Hall made a must-see comeback with eight new episodes of their sketch show arriving via Amazon Prime Video. It's another case of taking the good with the bad, balancing the return of some of this country's funniest comics while considering the dominance the tech giant continues to exert over our lives — just ask Dave Foley.    

Over the weekend (August 14), Foley accepted the award on behalf of Kids in the Hall for Best Streaming Variety Sketch Series, Talk Series or Special at the Hollywood Critics Association's HCA TV Awards in Los Angeles.

In handling the hardware, Foley thanked Lorne Michaels "for plucking us from obscurity and raising us all up to semi-obscurity," while also commending "Amazon, for ruining the planet, but producing some great television while they're at it" [via The Hollywood Reporter]. 

TMZ has since published video of his thanks to Jeff Bezos and co. that you can watch below, and while the minds behind the content mining over there have deemed Foley's comments "a little cringeworthy," it's possible that the comic saw a recent headline touting a new series from Amazon blending viral hilarity and home surveillance.

Per the Associated Press, home security company Ring and historic Hollywood studio MGM — both of which are owned by Amazon — will launch new show Ring Nation in September. Hosted by Wanda SykesRing Nation will give all manner of viral videos captured by Ring doorbells the America's Funniest Home Videos treatment.

Amazon acquired MGM for $8.45 billion USD last year, and bought Ring for $1 billion USD in 2018. In the years since acquiring the latter, Amazon has faced plenty privacy concerns about the devices, while Ring's relationship with over 400 police departments across the United States has also been criticized — judgement that may go out the window when it's time to turn on the tube.

For the record, we thought Foley and KITH's return was indeed great television. Check out Exclaim!'s interview with Kids in the Hall, ahead of reading our review of their uncompromising new season.

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