A Very Mark Forward Pajama Party Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, April 9

A Very Mark Forward Pajama Party Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, April 9
With the silly, bold spontaneity of an actual overnight party, A Very Mark Forward Pajama Party engaged the crowd with its juvenile sleepover tropes, clowning and observational comedy.
Exceptional host Mark Forward was responsible for most of the unforgettable moments of the night. Dressed in a cow onesie, he was consistently hysterical both in his crowd work and his standup. His racy game of truth or dare that escalated to the point where an audience member sniffed another audience member's panties was rivetingly crazy, especially because it was backed by the music from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Additionally, Forward's material about bears going to heaven was absurdly hilarious. Moreover, his bit in which he played with a cootie catcher that insulted him instead of telling him his future was very funny, as was his riffing with audience members who ranged from a man who was inexplicably lit in the middle of the dark crowd to a woman who refused to high-five him.
Aside from Forward, Morro & Jasp, Evany Rosen, and techie Mark Andrada provided several of the show's highlights. Clowns Morro & Jasp got everyone laughing and cringing with their bizarre rendering of sex ed, which involved Morro breaking a condom, then destroying the cucumber she was supposed to demonstrate the condom with by savagely gnashing at it until it was the consistency of chunky salsa.
Evany Rosen entertained the crowd with her comical observations about never fitting the descriptions of casting calls, and told a great anecdote about awkwardly auditioning to be the gorgeous lead of a Jude Law film even though she knew she would never get the part.
Lastly, Mark Andrada induced a big laugh while still in the tech booth by playing "Bleeding Love" after a woman belted the age at which she got her period as part of Truth or Dare, then he got an even bigger laugh by brilliantly joking that the song was part of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? soundtrack with deadpan delivery.
James Hartnett, Tim Gilbert, Bob Kerr and Eric Andrews were also part of the show, all of them appropriately dressed in pajamas. Hartnett did a chunk of material where he pretended to be a Christian comic who used the catchphrase "In His name!" that humorously satirized both overconfident observational comedians and repressive Christian culture, while Tim Gilbert did a hilariously weird bit that involved getting several audience members to pretend to be his family and wear diapers. In addition, Bob Kerr amused the Saturday night crowd with his solidly funny remarks about getting fat and his rant about how stupid it is to buy expensive bookmarks, while Eric Andrews did some brand new, thematic material about his perspective on sleepovers, and conducted a fun game of telephone with the audience.