Zutons Who Killed The Zutons

Liverpool’s the Zutons will no doubt find it difficult to shake off comparisons to the Coral. In fact, they’d be foolish to think people will let them off easy, because really, there only seems to be room for one nutty group of eclectic music-making Scousers in this world. However, that spot may be reserved for the Zutons considering the weak and sloppy work of the Coral on their recent mini-album, Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker. Who Killed The Zutons has a lot of ambition behind it, fusing swampy blues, ’60s psych-rock, offbeat folk and the timeless Liverpudlian pop hooks that found acts like the Beatles, the La’s and Shack. There isn’t much of a hint as to what a Zuton actually is, but "Zuton Fever” is enough of an enigma to make everyone believe they’ve got it, zigging and zagging with a saxophone that’s as slippery as a snake. Even more splashy is "You Will You Won’t,” which chops and stomps a rhythm that feels militant and brisk, and "Dirty Dancehall,” which sends voodoo chills down your spine with its creepy mix of possessed guitar riffs and sax bursts. Who Killed The Zutons may be the sound of the Coral’s reign as "Liverpool’s finest” coming to an end. (Deltasonic)