Zao The Lesser Lights Of Heaven

Spanning almost six hours and two discs, this may very well be the most thorough, exhaustive metal/hardcore DVD ever made. Chronicling Zao's origins as a Christian Earth Crisis knock-off straight through to their present incarnation as one the undisputed leaders of the modern metalcore movement, The Lesser Lights Of Heaven leaves no stone unturned, no past member un-interviewed, and no egomaniacal ex-drummers unexposed. The tumultuous history of the band, which at this point contains no original members, is explored with considerable detail. Additionally, the offering includes two recent live sets, some scattered footage dating as far back as the original line-up's performance at the Cornerstone Festival in 1997, as well as the infamous show where Zao broke up on stage. So entertaining, it plays like a Hollywood blockbuster. (Ferret)