Yukon Blonde Lee's Palace, Toronto ON October 15

Yukon Blonde Lee's Palace, Toronto ON October 15
Following afro-wig-wearing Jason Haberman of the Paint Movement's audience-rattling introduction, Yukon Blonde entered. The eccentric indie rock band crowded the stage of a full Lee's Palace to promote their latest EP, Fire//Water, even though they performed only two out of the four tracks.

The BC natives opened with a head-banging (or should that be hair-banging?) "Babies Don't Like Blue Anymore," off their self-titled debut album, making their way to "Water" off their new EP. The band played almost every track of their first full-length, which most of the crowd could recite almost word for word, along with some unrecorded songs.

Yukon Blonde kicked up the energy with the alt-country "Fire" where a bevy of fellow musicians and friends joined them on stage. The small stage was lined with at least ten musicians jumping around passionately playing their instruments. Even if they did not have an instrument, a mosh jump-fest was necessary.

Following the party on stage, Yukon Blonde played a cover of Tears for Fears' '80s pop classic "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." Although the song seems to be a few decades off their usual inspiration, the performance further proved that Yukon Blonde are a dynamic band that can pull off any genre, from folk to synth pop to '60s rock, and still create a fresh sound.

Ending with the unrecorded "My Girl," guitarist Brandon Scott ushered the crowd to attempt a very unstable crowd surf. They exited the stage only for the Paint Movement's Haberman to appear again, chanting "Yukon Blonde!"

The nearly ten-minute finale of "Nico Canmore" started with electro-space sounds, turning to soothing vocals and ending in hard rock. The entire show was like being at a house party with old friends. It was the epitome of Yukon Blonde: endless talent, cheerful energy, supportive friends and, of course, great hair.